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Funding for All mentor small to medium charities, voluntary organisations and community groups across Kent (and Medway). We specialise in bid writing skills, funding strategy, business planning, marketing and communications, tendering, legacies and developing budgets.

Please note that Funding for All does not directly fund organisations or individuals. We do however mentor you to apply for those funds from other trusts and foundations to increase your chances of success.

There are two ways in which Funding for All can work with your group.

We are funded to work support small and medium groups/organisations across Kent’s 12 districts thanks to our generous funders. More information on this process is below.

Larger organisations are able to contract Funding for All to work with you at a very reasonable cost. More information and prices are below.

1. How our free mentoring process works
(small and medium groups/organisations within Kent’s 12 districts)

The first step is to contact us via our Contact Form.

We will then arrange for you to meet with Funding for All CEO, Nigel Turley who will discuss your project further and ascertain which of our mentors would best suit your particular needs. Once your mentor has been assigned, a grant search will be run for you and you will be introduced to your mentor. Each group will be allocated up to 15 hours of free mentoring.

Please note that we are not a bid writing service. We believe in equipping organisations with the skills within their organisation to be successful and sustainable. However if you require a bid writing service please see below for further details including costs.

For instant, free advice read our ’10 Tips for…’ series of infographics.

Commitment from you.

We are a free service but to ensure we are able to deliver a quality service to as many groups as possible we do require a certain level of commitment from each group we assist. This entails:

  • A commitment to engage in the mentoring process, meeting deadlines set by your mentors and notifying Funding for All of any changes of circumstances.
  • Informing Funding for All of any successful applications which have been in some way influenced by our services, whether this be that the fund was identified by us, you received simple advice, were put in touch with an external training course or received a full mentoring service.
2. How to contract Funding for All
(larger organisations)

Depending on your needs and the type of funders and funding strategies you will require, we will draw up a contract estimating the amount of hours it will take to mentor you through the bid. As a guide the rough costs are below:

  1. Small bids (under £5,000): £300
  2. Medium bids (£5,000-£19,999): £660
  3. Large bids (£20,000+ ): £1,050
    Our average rate including travel costs is £30 p/h

The process is very similar to our free mentoring programme. You will need to contact our office and we will discuss the needs of your project. If we can assist your project, Nigel Turley will meet with you, appoint a mentor and the process will continue as above.

Bid writing services

This is a paid for service, charged at £38.50 p/h plus travel*, which contracts one of our expert mentors to complete a bid on behalf of your organisation.

To access this service please contact our office and we will discuss your needs and appoint a bid writer. The initial visit to your project by the mentor will just incur travel costs. If it is a suitable fit then Funding for All will issue a contract for an agreed number of hours to complete the work.

Please note that unlike other bid writing services we do not include the cost of writing the bid into any applications that we are working on, on your behalf. We expect the cost of the bid writing to come from your reserves or another source.

*Travel is currently charged at 45p per mile. Our mentors are based across Kent and Medway so charges will vary.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.