APR 2019: Testimonial from SENs Tunbridge Wells

We are a very newly set up community group and engaged with Funding for All’s social media mentor, Laura and what an inspiring and helpful experience it was.

Laura happily travelled across Kent to meet with us and arrived well prepared, having investigated our requirements and viewed our existing Facebook page in advance. 

During our mentoring meeting Laura provided us with a wealth of information, guidance, suggestions and top tips, her knowledge was almost never ending and despite now having a huge list of actions we feel confident that we can take our social media work to another level.

Laura followed up our session with a follow up email containing all of the information and page links that she mentioned to us which was so helpful.

Laura is a huge asset to the Funding for All team. 

Gemma Stapeley, Community Manager at Special Educational Needs Support TunbridgeWells (SENs TW)

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