OCT 2018: Our Guide to Social Investment

There might come a time in your organisation’s future when you wish to expand, buy assets, hire staff or perhaps you’ll need to bridge the gap between grants. If so, social investment could be worth considering.

Social investment is the use of repayable finance, often with interest, invested into social organisations such as charities, social enterprises or community interest companies enabling them to increase their impact on society and to further achieve their goal.

Here’s our guide to those social investment loans currently considering applications.

To apply, you’ll also need to have prepared your business plan, how you expect to repay the loan, plus interest, and your financial forecast over the next two years. 

Remember, social investment loans aren’t suitable for every organisation and should be considered alongside your other funding options. 

If you’d like advice on whether or not social investment might be right for your organisation, contact us to discuss with one of our specialist Funding Mentors. We will also be able to mentor you through the application process. Read more on our free* mentoring programme, That’s the Way to Do It!

*That’s the Way to Do It! is a Stronger Kent Communities project funded by Kent County Council. To be eligible for free mentoring, organisations must be based in Kent with an annual income under £400,000. 

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