SEPT 2018: Celebrating the Organisations We Mentor

We are calling out to all the groups we’ve previously mentored to share their successes with us in photographic form so we can celebrate and promote your work whilst having some great images on our recently relaunched website.

Sadly, the work we do isn’t particularly interesting from a visual point of view (it would mainly consist of us sitting at a desk surrounded by cups of tea or driving up and down Kent’s motorways meeting groups) so we want to use your photographs that best showcase the work you do. We’ve had some brilliant ones already (such as the one below from Samphire) that’ll soon be featuring on our website and in our marketing materials.

Samphire, a Dover-based charity, seeks to change attitudes to, and improve the lives of, the ex-detainees and migrant communities. One project, Dover Welcomes All brings together the diverse communities of Dover to celebrate and embrace a welcoming culture for all. The project reaches out to the wider Dover community to involve them in conversations and activities (such as the one pictured above) that encourage social inclusion and cohesion.

So if you’ve been or are being mentored by a Funding for All Mentor and would like us to celebrate the work you do, please send us your photographs, including organisation name, project title and photo credit, and project updates to

[NOTE: If images include your beneficiaries, plus ensure full permission has been granted for images to be used and securely stored by third parties. Proof of permission may be requested. Funding for All will not distribute the images you supply onto other organisations. By sending us your images you agree for us (Funding for All) to use them on our website and in our marketing materials and annual report]

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