SEPT 2018: Our SKC Achievements So Far…

Last week, we were honoured to attend a networking event for Kent’s voluntary sector hosted by Chairman of Kent County Council (KCC), Mr Mike Angell. The evening was an opportunity for local voluntary organisations, including ourselves, to meet and network with other invited voluntary organisations, senior Members and Officers of KCC.

In preparation for the event, we pulled together some of our achievements since becoming a member of the Stronger Kent Communities (SKC) consortium commissioned by KCC back in January 2017. 

Seeing the impressive figures all together made us feel very proud of what we have been able to achieve since receiving this funding and we wanted celebrate with you. After all, a lot of them are your achievements too!

I was pleased to see that the consortium has delivered many and varied projects in its first year, including the generation of over £1,200,000 to the voluntary sector economy in the county. This is a very positive and it is clear that the purpose and service offer from SKC is really crystallising now.

– Sam Sheppard, Commissioning Manager Kent County Council responding to SKC’s Annual Report 2017

The joy of our work really is supporting all the incredible voluntary organisations dedicated to making the communities of Kent fairer, vibrant and stronger – mirroring the aims of what SKC seeks to achieve.

You can read more about our SKC consortium projects here

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