Sept 2020: #NeverMoreNeeded Campaign

During these past six months of lockdown, we’ve seen how charities have been a lifeline to those in our communities who so vitally need their support – all at a time when charities are facing their own funding crisis.

A recent survey from Kent Community Foundation, suggests that voluntary organisations in Kent and Medway could see a 27% shortfall in income (estimated to total £135 million), despite 62% of survey participants having already accessed emergency funding.

With a coronavirus second wave on the horizon, charities across the country truly are never more needed, but in order to continue they need the whole sector behind them.

As an infrastructure charity who is working with many organisations facing challenges caused by the pandemic, we stand united with our peers to back the sector by adding our voice to the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign.

The campaign, which states ‘the Government cannot afford to overlook or undervalue the not for profit sector at the moment’, asks the Government to go further on their initial financial support package by:

  • recognising that existing measures do not do enough to enable charities to continue to deliver essential services that have never been more needed. It asks Ministers and officials to work with the charity and voluntary sector to address the medium and long-term scale of the financial challenge ahead, and to ensure that the critical support charities provide will continue to be able to meet need and make a vital contribution to rebuilding our society;
  • ensuring the distribution of funding available is speedy and efficient, and that equality and human rights are designed in from the outset, so that everyone’s needs are meet and that decision making is transparent; and
  • making necessary regulatory changes to existing schemes to make them fit for purpose for charities and voluntary organisations.

With many small, grassroots charities already closed, and large, national charities warning that they are also at risk we ask the Government to listen and act before it is too late.

To find out more and to add your voice to the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign click here.

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