SUEZ Communities Trust: Landfill Communities Fund

Community Buildings/Halls Environmental Heritage Local Grants

The SUEZ Communities Trust awards grants of up to £50,000 through the Landfill Community Fund to not-for-profit organisations within in a two and a half mile radius of a SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK waste processing location (West Lane, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3TT) and within a ten miles radius of any licensed landfill (Kemsley Mill Landfill, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 2SG).

SUEZ Communities Trust’s eligibility zone.

Applications are considered for three areas of work (Public Amenities, Historic Buildings, Structures or Sites and Biodiversity) which qualify for funding:

Public Amenities
To provide, maintain or improve an amenity that is used primarily for leisure and recreation. Can include:

  • Community amenities
  • Community Centres / Halls
  • Community Cafes
  • Museums / Galleries
  • Theatres
  • Arts Centres
  • Youth Centres (if also used by other sections of the community)
  • Sport and recreation amenities
  • Public parks / Community Gardens / Village Greens / Nature Reserves
  • Sports fields and amenities (e.g. pavilions)
  • Activity Centres
  • Cycle Paths / Tracks / Parks
  • Sports clubs (bowls, tennis, rugby etc.)
  • Public playgrounds and Multi Use Games Areas
  • Public rights of way and footpaths
  • Bridle Ways
  • Country Parks
  • Skate Parks
  • Water Sports Amenities

The amenity must be open and accessible to the general public for at least 104 days a year.

Historic Buildings, Structures or Sites
The maintenance, repair or restoration of a building, other structure or a site of archaeological interest which is a place of religious worship, or a site of historic or architectural or archaeological interest and is open to the public at least 104 days a year. Eligible buildings, structures or sites include:

  • Places of worship (Grade I)
  • Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • Listed historic structures
  • Listed community buildings (any grade)

The conservation of biodiversity through the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of natural habitat or the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat. The site must be open and accessible to the general public for at least 104 days a year. Eligible sites include:

  • Nature Reserves
  • Forests / Woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • Rivers and Streams
  • River Parks
  • Orchards
  • Commons and Heaths
  • Meadows
  • Lakes and Ponds

The project must take place at a single site and be focused on a single habitat or species. The Trust does not fund staff posts/salaries but will consider funding an employee of your organisation to deliver specific on-site project related practical tasks if it is the most effective way of achieving the conservation objectives and value for money can be demonstrated.

SUEZ Communities Trust will consider projects which focus on physical improvement at an identified site. Funding is typically awarded for the purchase of materials/equipment and the appointment of a contractor to undertake the improvement work. Applications to construct new buildings or extensions to existing buildings will not be considered however construction of relocatable buildings (such as a shed, cabin or toilet facilities) no more the 24sq metres will be considered.

The Trust offers funding awards of up to £50,000 through two funds:

Smaller Projects Fund

  • Awards between £1 and £20,000
  • Projects must have an overall cost of no more than £40,000
  • Projects must start within three months and complete within 12 months of funds being awarded

Primary Fund

  • Awards between £1 and £50,000
  • Projects must have an overall cost of no more than £250,000
  • Projects must start within six months and complete within 12 months of funds being awarded

A request for funding for multiple sites or for salaries, running costs, project management or design fees will not be considered.

Please note, successful applicants will be eligible to pay a 11.5% Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment before any funds are released. Read guidance on CTP here and how to calculate it. 

The SUEZ Communities Trust’s Landfill Communities Fund has very specific guidelines so please read them thoroughly.

Deadline: Continuous rolling programme. There is a two stage online application process

  • Stage One: a short eligibility check followed by some very brief questions about your organisation and the project for which you are seeking funding. A stage one application can be submitted at any time.
  • Stage Two: If the stage one application is successful, applicants will be invited to submit a stage two application within 12 weeks. The stage two application form asks for more detailed information about the project, including a project budget, and also requires supporting documents to be uploaded.

After a Stage Two application is submitted, a decision will be made within five to 16 weeks.

For further information and how to apply please click here.

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