The Mrs Smith & Mount Trust: The Mrs Smith Fund

Health & Social Care

The Mrs Smith & Mount Trust aims to assist disadvantaged people towards greater independence or a better quality of life. The Mrs Smith Fund makes grants to registered charities working with individuals in need that meet the Fund’s criteria.

Hardship funding is to be distributed by the recipient charities through small grants to disadvantaged people including, but not restricted to, those listed below:

  1. Young people leaving care (who have been looked after by the State)
  2. Individuals returning to the community after having lived in the care of the community or long stay hospital accommodation; after residential care the mentally ill, elderly or disabled people or; those who have had to give up their home and were unable to pay furniture storage fees
  3. Individuals who have lost the contents of their homes through fire, theft, flood, or vandalism, and who were unable to pay household insurance due to low income (the application in this category must be accompanied by a Police or Fire Officers report)
  4. Individuals who are being rehoused after living in a refuge and who are not able to obtain access to previous accommodation to collect their belongings
  5. Individuals who are being rehabilitated who receive benefits, other than income support and who are not entitled to receive any Government funded grant which will pay for such household item
  6. Individuals who have had to be rehoused due to circumstance beyond their control e.g. harassment; disablement or ill health; deterioration of property i.e. damp; where moving from furnished private to unfurnished council accommodation or; where care of another person is being undertaken who was not previously living in the accommodation

The funding should be used towards the purchase of household furnishings and equipment, baby equipment and, clothing.

Deadline: Continuous rolling programme. Grants made annually.

This fund is not managed by Funding for All. Please click ‘Find out more’ and contact the funder for more information.

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